Frequently Asked Questions

What does each budget get me?

There are so many variables that come into play that it’s hard to say exactly what comes with each separate package. What I can say, is that travel dates and flexibility with the airport you’ll be leaving from will determine what kinds of locations you can get to. For example, if you book on a Bank Holiday or Christmas, the prices for hotels and flights skyrocket. We strongly recommend that on holidays you choose a minimum of $600/person so that there are more options available.

While these are subject to change based on dates and holidays, this is the approximate value you’ll get for each price point.

Budget: Budget airline + Private room or Hostel (we only book hostels if requested) 2-3 Stars

Adventure: Budget airline + 3 Star Accommodation

Globetrotter: 3-4 Star Accommodation + Budget Airline

Jetsetter: 4-5 Star Accommodation, Full Service Airline

Luxurious Traveler: 5 Star Accommodation, Coach flights

Ultimate Adventurer: 5 Star Accommodation, Business Class flights


How far in advance should I book?

The farther in advance the better! If you’re booking within two weeks of your departure, the minimum cost is $650/person for international 4 Day Adventures and $550 for a 3 day adventure. It’s $400 for a Road Trip. You must book North America trips at least 6 weeks in advance. The earlier you book, the more bang you’ll get for your buck before the prices rise.

What documents do I need to go on a trip?

If you’re going internationally you MUST possess a valid Passport with more than 6 months left before it expires. If you’ll be renting a car you will also need your driver’s license. Most countries won’t require an International Driver’s License but it’s good practice to bring it just in case. If you’ll be renting a car you will also need a credit card in the driver’s name.

Can travelers in the same group book separately?

Absolutely! If it’s four or fewer people traveling just annotate the names of the people you’ll be traveling with on the questionnaire in the box ‘Other Information.’ If you have more than four travelers, please call or email prior to booking your travel.

What should I bring?

Don’t worry about packing until one week out. One week prior to your departure you will receive a packing list and weather report for your destination. All packing lists are customized to fit your destination and what activities I have planned for you.

What days of the week can I travel?

Being in the Air Force, I have learned the phrase ‘Flexibility is the key to airpower!’ Well here at Secret Getaways ‘Flexibility is the key to all travel!’ You may depart on any day of the week but your trip will always be 3 days/2 nights for 3 day trips and 4 days/3 nights for 4 day trips. North America to Europe trips will be 7 Days/6 nights, 10 Days/9 nights, and 14 days/13 nights.

I'm in the military...

No problem! I am also in the Air Force and understand that taking a ‘surprise trip’ will not fly with your chain of command. If you are in the military, I will send the destination including addresses + contact information for hotels and flight information if it’s requested. I will never send you to an off-limits location.

Do you plan Secret Getaways for families with children?

I love planning family trips! Just make sure to list genders, ages, names, and their likes as well as dislikes. We will make sure to book acommodation at a family-friendly location and fill your destination guide with age-appropriate recommendations. We want to make sure everyone has a blast on their Secret Escape. Sadly, I cannot offer lower rates for children since tickets do not vary based on ages. Please contact me prior to purchase if you have an infant.

What if I don't want to go where you send me?

I certainly hope this isn’t the case! Here at Secret Getaways, I know that every destination in the world has something to offer. Each of these locations have been vetted and custom picked to suit your travel style, and I’m sure you will enjoy it once you give it a chance. At Secret Getaways I believe in open-mindedness and acceptance and hope you do as well! I’ll give you all the tools you need to find the hidden gems and local’s most loved locations. The suggested itinerary will be chock-full of things to do and see so I am sure you will love if you give it a chance.

What kinds of places will I go?

Although it’s a secret, I can tell you that I will send you somewhere I have tried and tested personally and feel is an amazing place. Secret Getaways sends you to European, North American and African (Morocco only) destinations within 3-4 hour flight radius (this is NOT the case for North America TO Europe trips!). We know you don’t want to spend your whole trip on an airplane. If I send you to a city, it will have public transportation. If you annotate on your adventure questionnaire that you’re comfortable renting a car, then we will send you on an epic adventure where you will have a one-of-a-kind experience in places that may not have public transportation.

How do you know these locations are legit?

Almost every place I send our adventurers to I have personally explored. If I haven’t been, then a highly trusted travel partner has. I have made all the mistakes in travel (learning the hard way) so you don’t have to. I have taken more than 45 trips during the time I have been stationed in England and sniffed out the coolest destinations hidden all over Europe. I have blogged about my adventures and created adventure videos that you can see in on my website.

Can I Getaway If I don't Live in Europe or North America?

For now, Secret Getaways operates in Europe and the United States. I DO offer trips from North America TO Europe. If you live anywhere else in the world, send me a message and I will create a package for you!

I am from ____________, Can I still do a Secret Getaway?

If you are listed anywhere on this list, I cannot plan a Secret Getaway for you due to visa requirements. I can still plan a trip, but you will have to show up in person to get the visa ahead of time.

What if I already know where I want to go?

I offer travel consulting services for a fee of $100 per hour. Shoot me a message or call if you would like more information.

Questions I Have Received Once

Would you send me to a war-zone?

No. We will never send you to a war-torn high conflict area. Ever.

How will I know what vaccines I need to get?

I will not send you anywhere where vaccines are needed.

Does Russia count as Europe?

No, Russia does not count as Europe because Russians need a Visa to enter Europe.