About Me

My name is Addie and I am the face behind Secret Getaways Travel Co! I am an adventurous soul with restless feet. I’ve gone on more than 45 trips to dozens of cool places since I moved to Europe in 2012. After finding the most off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe, many friends and colleagues have requested that I send them on adventures. They didn’t even care to know the destination, they just trusted me to make it one they would enjoy! I have found that I am most at home when I’m either abroad or telling people all the secret spots I’ve found hidden all over the continent. In fact, I write for my travel blog Fit Fab and Foreign to show exactly where I go on my trips.

As a member of the US Air Force stationed in England, it brought me great sadness that there were so many people who never left the country. I would ask them why they’d never go anywhere and they almost always said “it’s too overwhelming” or “I don’t know where to go.” I immediately wanted to help make it easier and less stressful for those people. Everyone should be able to see the world! In my opinion, travel makes you a better person by forcing you to realize the world is far bigger than your bubble. Travel makes you enlightened. Travel makes you compassionate. Travel makes you wiser. The idea to start Secret Getaways came from a mixture of yearning to spread the ability to travel to the masses and having an overwhelming passion for everything travel-related.

The travel bug first bit me at the end of my senior year of high school. In my small town there is an event called ‘Senior Week.’ Basically it’s my hometown’s rite of passage after you graduate from high school. It’s a 7 day long party fueled by underage drinking and recreational drug use in Myrtle Beach. I was planning on attending, until I heard about what the NC mountains had to offer. Instead of heading to Myrtle Beach, I planned a trip to Western North Carolina to see about 27 different waterfalls and hike in 6 different parks.

Nobody understood why I didn’t want to go to Senior Week, but I didn’t care. I spent my days exploring the coolest parts of my state. I slid off waterfalls into icy river pools and I jumped off jagged cliffs. I climbed looming mountains and experienced panoramic views spanning for what seemed like infinity. Seeing new places and learning new things gave me a high that Senior Week just couldn’t. From that moment on, I knew without a doubt that it was over, I’d never be able to be content staying in one place for too long.

Now I am quite a bit older, and quite a lot more adventurous. I aspire to help others see how incredible this life is. I want to show everyone how rewarding and amazing it is to fall in love with a city you cannot pronounce the name of. I want to show people that experiences trump physical items and doing these experiences with the people you love really makes the world a better place. The most motivating (and scary) think I have heard is “You’re gonna die.” It’s simple. It’s morbid. It’s also very true. So are you going to start living while you’re still alive?

Cambridge, U.K.

Phone: +44  1223 96 9964