What I Offer

Secret Getaways is an adventure travel service for spontaneous people that books adventures to the best destinations around Europe and the United States. You can either choose to do a local road trip or get whisked away on an international getaway. The best part? Your destination is a complete surprise and everything is planned for you! All you have to do is give your budget, take the adventure questionnaire, and go on your perfect vacation planned by a European travel expert!

What's Included

All flights + accommodation are booked, plus a carefully crafted itinerary FULL of things to do at your destination with 10+ options per day! You'll also get a Secret Reveal Envelope & gift!

Be Spontaneous

There are not enough wonderful surprises in life. Secret Getaways wants to change this fact. Being spontaneous builds incredible memories with the people you love.

Before the Reveal

One week prior to departure you'll receive packing tips and travel hints, a weather forecast, your luggage restrictions, and the time and location of your departure.

Stress Free

Filling out the questionnaire is the only work you do. Leave the hard part up to the experts! There are no travel plans to remember, just memories you'll never forget.

The Reveal

On the day of the departure open your reveal envelope! Your destination, hard copies of tickets, booking confirmations, itinerary, destination guides, as well as a gift will all be inside it.

Live Adventurously

I have been on more than 50 trips in Europe and am living a life that many could only dream about, but you can live this way too! Remember, ``Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all``








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Trips for Every Traveler

Secret Getaways offers something for every taste. Maybe you like finding underground speakeasies and prancing through modern art galleries. Perhaps you like to find gorgeous hidden gems nestled in the wilderness that only the locals know about. Possibly you like lazing around on the beach whilst reading a good novel and drinking piña coladas. I know all the best escapes hidden all around Europe and America because I have found them and fallen in love with each and every destination!

Check Out a Sample Itinerary!

Flexibility at Any Budget

We offer several packages starting at $300 for road trips and $450 for trips via plane and train